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The artist Gil Heitor Cortesao
Born 1967, Lisboa, Portugal.
Lives and works in Lisboa, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Gil Heitor Cortesão paints places that are generally empty (private apartments or public spaces) in a style that at first glance seems realist, and yet stirs a vague feeling of unease. The strangeness comes primarily from the fact that on each occasion he insinuates something disturbing into these spaces: it may be furniture we have trouble identifying, paintings that seem to be coming away from the wall, a huge dark patch in the middle of a meeting room or a map of Europe sketched on the wall of an apparently modern apartment. This strangeness is heightened by the disconcerting appearance of the image; it looks like a worn photograph...

Modelo para armar - Piscina' and other works