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The artist Shadi Ghadirian
Born 1974, Tehran, Iran.
Lives and works in Theran, Iran.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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I am a woman and I live in Iran. I am a photographer and this is the only thing I know how to do. I began work after completing my studies. Quite by accident, the subjects of my first two series were “women”. However, since then, every time I think about a new series, in a way it is related to women.

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This time the woman is convicted of a daily repetitive routine and for this reason I named the series "Like Every Day". Now I know what I wish to say with my photographs. Until know I have had many photographs which show women as second class citizens or depict the censorship of women.

Challenging the international preconceptions of women’s roles within an Islamic state, Tehran-based artist Shadi Ghadirian’s photographs draw from her own experiences as a modern woman living within the ancient codes of Shariah law. Her images describe a positive and holistic female identity, humorously taking issue with the traditional roles by which women – both in the Middle East and universally – have been defined... Saatchi

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Iran's contemporary art history is central to the artworks of Shadi Ghadirian, who emerged in 2000 as part of a new wave of photographers spurred on by the global success of Iran's film-makers. That Ghadirian is a successful artist living in Tehran, and an internationally acclaimed one at that, is a mini-revolution in itself. Many of Iran's female artists, like Shirin Neshat, still choose to operate outside Iran's borders, although that has changed in recent years...