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The artist George Legrady
Born 1950, Budapest, Hungary.
Lives and works in San Fransisco, USA.

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George Legrady

George Legrady
We Are Stardust. 2008/09

George Legrady
work: From Analogue to Digital, Langlois Foundation

George Legrady
Emphasis is on a systematic approach to permanent embedded architectural works and interactive installations through the implementation of complex technologies for new forms of content, narratives and analysis…

George Legrady
George Legrady’s projects focus on the intersection of interactive narrative, interface metaphor design, cultural theory analysis, and the investigation of computer programming as aesthetic practice. Recent installations use motion detector sensors and machine vision by which to integrate audience presence as an active component in the narrative development.

George Legrady (pdf file)
Fast Facts: George Legrady artwork at The Seattle Public Library’s Central Library

George Legrady
A Conversation with George Legrady (Santa Barbara)

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