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The artist Geoffrey Farmer
Born 1967, Eagle Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Lives and works in Vancouver, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sydney Biennale,

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I am by nature one and also many, dividing the single me into many, and even opposing them as great and small, light and dark, and in ten thousand other ways.

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Farmer is known for producing large-scale eclectic works that are characterised by their interpretive structures, meticulous research and transformative qualities. Specific literary or cinematic narratives anchor the projects, which are continually revised, altered and adapted from exhibition to exhibition. These specific narratives become the conceptual engine and are used to generate and contextualize the processes and materials produced, acquired and presented…


Perhaps in a bid to pre-empt criticism, historians are fond of pointing out the omissive nature of their discipline. Artists are equally possessed by these gaps. Geoffrey Farmer¬ís bratty, incorrigible exhibition at The Drawing Room in London focuses on the agonistic relationship among archive, source and the interpretation of history…


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