Jonas Gasiunas | the artist

The artist Jonas Gasiunas
Born 1954, Altaj region, Russia.
Lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Swedbank art award 2009

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Jonas Gasiūnas has been selected for his innovative vision of contemporary painting, outstanding in Lithuania and among the pioneering ones in the Baltic States, in addition to his idiosyncratic contribution to the international discourse in the expanded field of painting. In his work, Jonas Gasiūnas explores the themes of changing personal and historical time, as well as the processes of obliteration and reclaiming of memory. The artist paints using the flame and smoke of a burning candle, composing his images in a cinematographic manner. In these paintings, reality – that which is painted – enters a paradoxical relationship with fiction, represented by the smoke traces.

Jonas Gasiūnas, the representative of the middle generation of the 20th Century Lithuanian art, is a contemporary painter who employs the flame and smoke of a burning candle to create his works. After covering the canvas with one or more layers of paint, the artist draws on top of these with a candleflame afterwards, adding tone by using smoke. The intention is to suggest that everything drawn in smoke is imaginary (i.e. "it is mere smoke") and everything painted represents the ‘real'. It is this juxtaposition of the two planes, artifice and reality, that generates the narrative of the painting...

Sveikindamas gavus prestižinį „Swedbanko“ apdovanojimą, negaliu neužduoti tau turbūt paties banaliausio, tačiau neišvengiamo klausimo – kaip jautiesi įvertintas, ką tau reiškia apdovanojimas?