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The artist Maureen Gallace
Born 1960, Stamford, Connecticut, USA.
Lives and works in New York, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Whitney Biennial,

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She paints small-scale landscapes, devoid of people, focusing on a small number of elements such as a house, a barn, a boat, shrubs, grass, sky or a country road. The paintings have a dreamlike quality and show us a world hovering between the familiar and the mysterious...

Small, bucolic paintings slowly give way to perfidious abstractions that have relatively little to do with the vernacular structures of the New England landscape that they depict. Maureen Gallace’s paintings are welcomingly complex if you give them time...

Maureen Gallace finds inspiration in the modest edifices and rural environs of her native New England. She paints intimate landscapes featuring serene, unpeopled houses. Deceptively effortless in their appearance, Gallace’s paintings take shape through careful observation and decisive omission...

Gallace is an artist who works within the self-imposed confines of a rigorously limited scale and subject-matter. She is a painter of small, unpeopled landscapes in which a modest number of elements - a house, a barn, a boat; bushes, grass, sky - recur with a quietly mesmerising insistence. In focusing on a particulalry favoured motif, the idealised form of a windowless white New England cottage, Gallace succeeds in isolating something universally familiar yet utterly mysterious...