Frederic Bazille | the artist

The artist Frederic Bazille
Born Dec 6 1841, Montpellier, France.
Died Nov 28 1870, , Algeria.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Impressionism,

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Bazille was a member of the group of painters who evolved to become the Impressionists. Here the artist displays an interest in one of the Oriental themes that fascinated nineteenth-century painters and writers. These popular themes included exotic subjects that they imagined derived from French colonies in North Africa; women in harem costumes were among the most popular. This composition is a contrast of textures, as the woman’s colorfully patterned costume stands out against the smoothness of the wall and floor. Bazille died shortly before his twenty-ninth birthday during a battle in the Franco-Prussian War…

Sicherlich von seinen häufigen Besuchen im Hôtel Bruyas beeinflusst, beschloss Frédéric Bazille bereits sehr früh, sich der Malerei zu widmen. Zunächst begann er auf Wunsch seiner Eltern mit einem Medizinstudium, das er aber frühzeitig abbrach. Er lernte das Zeichnen bei dem Bildhauer Bausan und dessen Sohn in Montpellier. 1862 kam er nach Paris und arbeitete im Atelier von Charles Gleyre, wo er die Bekanntschaft von Monet und Renoir machte…