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The artist Catherine Folatre
Born , 11/10/1955, France.
Lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Catherine Folatre was born in France to an artistic family whose history dates back to the 19th century. 

Her mother’s family was known as world famous masters in the art of stained glass.  They provided the defining glass pieces of many cathedrals throughout Europe, Africa and South America. 

Her father was an American gallerist, and one of innovators in selling and promoting art posters.  Among his several galleries was the P.O.L. (Posters Original Limited).  As a child, Folatre’s father “dragged her to art galleries,” which ironically became the foundation for her illustrious artistic career. 

Raised in New York, Folatre returned to France where she attended the Ecole Superieure des Arts Modernes and Academie Charpentier in Paris.  During her time in France, she was mentored by the famous French sculptor Caesar. 

She now works and lives between Paris and Athens, Greece, one of the great artistic centers of the world.  Among her accomplishments are the 1st prize she was awarded for her poster of the “Salon des Femmes Peintres,” at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.  In 1975, U.N.E.S.C.O. bought and exhibited the poster. 

Catherine Folatre is registered in the art dictionary, “The Benezit,” for her famous color blue, “Le Blue Folatre.”  She has been a member of the Maison des Artistes Rothchild Foundation since 1969.  Famous clients include Pierre Salinger, spokesman of President John F. Kennedy, who purchased her painting, “The Hair Salon.” 

Living in such culturally distinguished cities as New York, Paris, and Athens, provided ample inspiration for the lively Folatre.  Folatre has been painting for 25 years, with her first exhibit when she was only 22 years old.  She typically paints on large canvas using acrylic paint. 

Some her themes in the past have included “Paris,” “Farwest,” “Circus,” “Escape,” and “Exostisme.”  Prefaces to her exhibits have been done by some of the most renowned artists in the world including famous poet Jacques Prevert, film director Sergio Leone (“Once Upon a Time in America”), and Annie Fratellini (from the famous Fratellini circus). 

Even with her experience, Folatre still gets the occasional bout of artistic block.  In fact, she stopped painting entirely for a few years before her current exhibition “Heaven Can Wait.”  The theme of the exhibition is angels but her exhibit has nothing to do with religious philosophy. 

The pieces reflect her ideology that angels have the excuse to do whatever they like because they have wings.  The angels in Folatre’s work are engaged in various acts of debauchery including group sex while at other times, they are enveloped in intimate personal reflections.

Regardless of the scenarios, all of the angels portrayed in Folatre’s work are distinctly human.  Angels are a reflection of us, much like art is a reflection of life.  Her driving message with “Heaven Can Wait” is that we must appreciate life and enjoy it while we’re here.

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