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The artist Eylem Aladogan
Born 1966, Tiel, Netherlands.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Drawing, Sonsbeek,

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Before Departure (all my changes were there) consists of various associated sculptural components. Each form within the installation has a visual and meaningful connection with the others. The combination of the individual components strengthens their visual impact and creates a new meaning and experience. The use of certain materials and techniques plays an essential role within Aladogan’s work. The new installation contains walnut, ceramics, metal, felt and leather. For Aladogan it was inspiring to work with new materials and explore (craft) techniques. The inherent qualities and limitations of the materials literally become part of the content of her installations, defining the work’s state of mind.


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An artist’s studio is a kind of self-portrait. It reflects to some degree the views and personality of the person who works in it. This is how visitors experience it, consciously or unconsciously, including virtual visitors, for photography had scarcely been invented before photographs of studios started to appear and since the emergence of film, television and video it has become increasingly commonplace to grant the public a view of the workplace…