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The artist Franklin Evans
Born 1967, Reno, NV, USA.
Lives and works in New York.

Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Painting,

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Franklin Evans
Using ink and watercolor, Evans creates imagined worlds where color, perspective, shape and scale develop their own logic. Meandering paths make their way through elaborate and shifting spaces, incorporating birds, figures and various structures.
Through obsessive mark making and flowing color, combining both painting and drawing, any or all of these elements are re-categorized into compositions both celebratory and psychedelic…

Franklin Evans
In the work of painter, Franklin Evans, intuition and logic conspire in imagined “dreamlandscapes” where color, perspective, form, and scale coalesce to create eloquent byways through constantly shifting spaces. In Evans’ realm, gravity-defying salvos of color are created by converging branches of watercolor and ink. His unlocatable worlds evoke the concept of “moreorless,” straddling a place between drawing and painting, the figurative and the literal, and narrative and non-narrative representation…

Franklin Evans
Franklin Evans’s trippy meditation on the multiple layers of time and space, exemplified by the exhibition title “2008/2009 < 2009/2010,” takes the form of a sprawling installation covering most of the gallery’s two rooms, including sections of floor, ceiling, stairs and railings. Initially conceived as a work in progress in the artist’s studio, the piece incorporates throwaway materials such as scraps of tape, wood, and bubble wrap in conjunction with paper, canvas and paint to create a sense of perpetual evolution; in contrast to a painting or drawing’s push toward resolution, the emphasis here is on process and movement. Shifting vantage points, created for example by lookbackstage (2009), an angled wall of hanging strips of colored tape, allow us a different perspective on the complex relationships among this installation’s myriad minute details…

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y work explores forms and ideas that consider the near-infinite cycle of recombination. Through painting, text, performance, and collaboration, I present open system environments that are both symbiotic and cannibalistic. Moreover, through the abundance of simultaneous open systems, I explore the shifting nature of knowledge. My work suggests the not-quite-finished, the in-transition, the nearly-emerging, the slowly-evolving, the near-end, and the move-toward-erasure.

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