Elliot Hundley | the artist

The artist Elliot Hundley
Born 1975, , USA.
Lives and works in Greensboro, North Carolina, .

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Collage,

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Works and bio

Elliott Hundley creates collages from thousands of cut-up magazines, personal photographs, drawings, and a variety of commonplace objects including feathers, strings, and twist ties. With titles that often refer to classical drama and mythology, each work represents a fantastical world full of cryptic imagery and meaning. In the Hammer Museum's Vault Gallery, Hundley will exhibit large-scale constructions made from delicate papers and ephemera affixed to wooden sculptural forms...

Selected Works

Elliott Hundley delivers us from the bonds of gravity, as he jettisons our loose lids into an overflowing melee of composite constellations and dueling demiurges. The vast locales of Hundley's collaged paintings seem almost directly dreamt into Being, as they churn and bristle with the primordial furor of newly born planets...

"Hundley is the one everyone wants," says Philip Martin, director of Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica, California. "But he seems to be taking his time deciding."