Elaine Reichek | the artist

The artist Elaine Reichek
Born 1943, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Lives and works in New York, .

Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art,

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Reichek draws on the tradition of embroidered samplers to create Conceptual, word-based art. Replacing traditional aphorisms, prayers, and educational texts with quotations from art history and mythology, Reichek painstakingly replicated images of three black abstract paintings and a statement by the artist Ad Reinhardt, her painting teacher...

Elaine Reichek is a conceptual artist who uses embroidery to explore aesthetics in art. While an Artist-in-Residence (February 2001), Reichek began to develop a group of sixteen embroideries showing scenes from the biblical Book of Genesis and particularly the story of Adam and Eve. Reichek's beautifully sewn embroideries borrow images from artists ranging from Dürer and Michelangelo to Gauguin...

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