Eduard Vuillard | the artist

The artist Eduard Vuillard
Born 1868, Cuiseaux (Saone), France.
Died 1940, La Baule (Loire-Atlantique), .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Post Impressionism, Drawing, Les Nabis, Documenta Kassel,

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The Académie Julian was an art school in Paris, France, established in 1868 by Rodolphe Julian. It became a major alternative training centre to the official Ecole des beaux arts, especially for women who were not admitted to the Beaux arts until 1897. At the Julian women were also permitted to draw from the nude male model. In 1888-9 Pierre Bonnard and Eduard Vuillard were students there and together with some others formed the Symbolist group the Nabis…

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