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The artist Derrick Greaves
Born 1927, Sheffield, England.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Kitchen Sink,

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`I don't think one paints for any other reason than to produce something new. My painting now has little resemblance to that of the 1950s - as though one has any choice about one's own development. All one can do is forge one's own path, respond to the last painting and hope that the present painting leaves a clue for the next one.'

A painter and printmaker, Derrick Greaves' work gained critical acclaim in the 1950s as a member of the Beaux Arts Quartet, the so-called 'Kitchen Sink' realist painters who emanated from the Royal College of Art (1948–52)...

...Greaves subsequently rejected his earlier adherence to everyday subject matter and developed a lighter, poetic and more allusive range of imagery.