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The artist Darryl Pottorf
Born July 16 1952, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Lives and works in Captiva, Florida, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers,

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“Life is a grand possibility -Art Should reflect it.
My palette is based on the photographs that I utilized in it. There is underpainting and I go back in after and Paint again,
but it’s a transfer process of imagery, photographic imagery that I can limitlessly use as a palette. I can take one brushstroke from a
photograph or take a row. I can do a scribble - I can just do anything with that imagery. I like being painterly.
This is my Strength and my talent. The Subsidies are important.” 
-Darryl Pottorf

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"Ocular Misfit"<br />Pottorf has collaborated with Robert Rauschenberg on a series of joint projects and exhibitions, and is additionally a practicing architect. He designed Robert RauschenbergÂ’s home and studio as well as his own, and, like Rauschenberg, he lives and works in Captiva, Florida.

Darryl Pottorf has been creating complex, inspiring works for more than 30 years, continuously pushing the boundaries of his medium and subject matter. He has traveled extensively, and his work reflects his love of classical and architectural forms. He uses the photographs he takes in a provocative manner to add content and humor to his work…


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Portrait of the artist by Andrew Elias