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The artist Darrell Roberts
Born Sept 28 1972, Ottumwa, Iowa, USA.
Lives and works in Chicago, United States, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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My work is influenced by pictures of the sky, lake,
gardens, people and Chicago construction sites I have documented over
the years. The search for what has existed and continues to exist
interest me along with the changes of structures in a metropolis.

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Darrell Roberts abstracts the rigid forms of urban architecture in a new selection of works titled Luscious, on view from January 21 to March 27. Luscious uses the vibrant and gestural language of abstract painting to document an ever-changing cityscape...

For me everything is about art all the time. In the 1950’s, art critic Harold Rosenberg coined the term action painting. It’s a phrase that I keep coming back to. My practice is as much about the act as the action. The finished painting is a physical manifestation, or residue, of the action...

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