Dalziel and Scullion | the artist

The artist Dalziel and Scullion
Pseudonym: Matthew Dalziel & Louise Scullion
Born M: 1957; L: 1966, M: Irvine; L: Helensburgh, Scotland.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Land and Environmental, Video,

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Dalziel + Scullion are interested in observing the more-than-human life forms we live amongst – this is strongly influenced by their location in Scotland, whose territory they have explored through bird song, bog plains, aquatic margins and intensive farming...

The video projection was made in 2001 and presents a contemporary approach to portraiture. To make the work, they decided to film members of their small coastal community against the background of the sea and its craggy coastline. By showing the film at one fifth of its normal speed and adding a quiet but forceful soundtrack, the artists have managed to create something more meditative than a simple documentary...(20 minute video loop)