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The artist Corinne Wasmuht
Born 1964, Dortmund, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Venice Biennale,

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She is now internationally known for her large scale, multi-layered works. The works are created through a long process of collecting and composing of found images. The composite image created from the source material, is re-inscribed through painting, normally to a wooden surface...

Corinne Wasmuht is quick to point out that the pictures she paints on her oversized canvases are not supposed to be dreamlike visions. Nonetheless, she does sometimes liken her simultaneous visual worlds to the moment just before falling asleep, when impressions, memories and snippets of everyday life tumble unfiltered before the mind’s eye, juxtaposing images that do not really belong together. Perhaps it is a bit like on the radio when different channels overlap and everyone is talking at once, yet fragments can still be picked out – and one’s imagination fills in the gaps...