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The artist Dawn Clements
Born 1958, Woburn, Massachusetts, USA.
Lives and works in Woburn, Massachusetts, .

Style and technique of the artist: Whitney Biennial, Drawing,

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Dawn Clements welcomes painter Eve Aschheim at her Greenpoint studio to talk about her life and work.

Clements, who specializes in detailed and expressive renderings of her immediate environment, also draws domestic interiors that appear in the melodramatic films and soap operas that capture her imagination. "Travels with Myra Hudson" is a bravura production that envelops and surrounds the viewer. Depicting key locations in "Sudden Fear," the drawing derives from aesthetics of the film noir genre, in which a sense of place, animated by harsh light and deep shadow, can assume the psychological weight and presence of a lead character. By restricting her palette to stark, monochromatic ink on paper, Clements renders both the settings and the tonal mise-en-scène of the film...

Untitled (Roxie). MOMA collection

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