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The artist Claude Lévêque
Born 1953, Nièvre, France.
Lives and works in Montreuil, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Venice Biennale,

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L’artiste contemporain Claude Lévêque représentera la France à la 53e Biennale de Venise

Lévêque has produced nostalgic artworks that employ photographs and light, rooted in his own personal memories. However, more recently he has shifted towards the creation of giant installations intended to stimulate the five senses through the use of sound, light, and mist. The “viewers” of his works can thus experience them with their whole bodies and not just their eyes.

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le Grand Sommeil

La Guerre du Chocolat

With his installations the French artist Claude Lévêque creates spaces whose evocative power and sensorial stimulation seduce us into active and immediate participation. In his spaces, the “visitor” - a term Lévêque prefers to that of the mere contemplative “viewer” - meets a provocative beauty. The artists creates intimate landscapes out of light, space and objects. Their atmosphere implies pain and anxiety, just as well as the individual’s conditioning by the collective. Therefore, his works always resonate with a call for departure. The beauty of his installations is expressed in an indifference to reigning aesthetic codes, and sometimes lay halfway between a fantastical world and that of kitsch. Not that kitsch is something that worries Lévêque; the artist sees it as the popular expression of the idea of otherness…