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The artist Leidy Churchman
Born 1979, Villanova, PA, USA.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Video, Painting,

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Leidy Churchman
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Leidy Churchman
I make transgender pictures. My painting is informed by transitions,
the humor of uncertainty, and relationships of supposed opposites.
I see people and their environments morphing into transsexual, not as a
definitive destination but a space of complexity and amusement. As a
transgender artist, I imagine “trans” as suggestive and paradoxical, where
gender is always contradictory and in a state of flux.

Leidy Churchman
hat’s striking about the transgender artist Leidy Churchman, 30, is that while his paintings and performances don’t shrink from reflecting the queerness of his world, his ideas and his friends, there’s nothing cooler-than-thou about them. Approachable? Friendly? Engaging? He’s three for three. His paintings and sculptures simultaneously reference the simple figures of early American primitive painting, the random amusements in the strange object pairings of Dadaism and the Pop sexuality of 1960s artists Alex Katz, David Hockney and John Wesley. Uniting them all is an almost childlike sense of fun and mischief that makes the work thoroughly enjoyable…

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