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The artist Char Davies
Born 1954, Toronto, Canada.
Lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.

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Char Davies
biography & work

Char Davies
Originally a painter, Davies became interested in the possibilities of computer graphics and animation and in 1985 joined Softimage, shortly after its founding…

Char Davies
Osmose, 1994-1995

Char Davies
Davies’ work has dealt with nature and psyche for more than two decades. Associated from 1988-1998 with Softimage Inc. as founding director and head of visual research, she recently founded Immersence Inc. as a vehicle for continuing her artistic practice…

Char Davies
In my experience of constructing virtual environments, the medium of immersive virtual reality offers a unique means of expressing this particular sensibility—far more effectively than other artistic media I have used…

Char Davies
Her immersive virtual-reality environments are world renown for their use of breath as navigational interface, their lyrical evocation of the natural environment, and their profound emotional effect on participants…

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