Chang Dai-chien | the artist

The artist Chang Dai-chien
Born May 10 1899, Neijiang, Sichuan, China.
Died April 2, 1983, Taipei, Taiwan.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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The best-known Chinese painter of the 20th century.

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Chang was frequently forced to live abroad due to social crises in China. In the late 1960s Chang acquired two homes near Carmel on the Monterey Peninsula, which would become his principal residence for the next decade. His home became an important destination for artists from throughout Northern California, and he showed his work in exhibitions at several Bay Area venues. Chang was acquainted with many prominent California art figures, including Ansel Adams and James Cahill. Chang's widow and many children and grandchildren continue to reside on the central California coast...

Zhang Daqian and pseudonym Daqian, was one of the best-known and most prodigious Chinese artists of the twentieth century. He is also regarded by many art experts as one of the most gifted master forgers of the twentieth century. He excelled at all types of paintings, and is especially famous for his landscape, as well as lotus paintings...

As a painter he had his own unique style and was one of the greatest painters in the history of modern art. Moreover there are many legendary anecdotes from his life such as having studied textile dyeing in Japan and having joined a Buddhist monastery as a monk, and having journeyed to Tun-huang during wartime to make copies of the cave paintings.