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The artist Cecilia Edefalk
Born 1954, Norrkoping, Sweden.
Lives and works in Stockholm, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Documenta Kassel,

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Edefalk’s paintings are largely defined by their seriality. Her works imitate, distort, and intensify one another in ways that intentionally blur the distinctions between original and copy. “I discover things in my paintings when I repeat them. It is a way to explore my own work. I am always surprised by the result. I think I can figure out what will happen. But with every new painting, the others change,” the artist explained. Because of the relational nature of her endeavor, the physical installation of her paintings in an exhibition space is an integral part of the artist’s methodology and practice. She makes use of mirror effects, displays paintings at 90-degree angles, and turns canvases upside down to establish a carefully choreographed system of viewing. The interaction between the works lends a quality of performance to her exhibitions…

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Edefalk challenges the veracity of photographic portraits. But not knowing, or rather, not being able to choose what image of myself I want to live with, my own or that of others, leads to an emotional quagmire. The daddy long-legs in the window also have a precarious existence. They are shooed off, squashed, without any moral qualms. Allowed to live, their natural lifespan is short – they subsist on the nourishment that exists in their bodies when they are born. It is fragile. My image of myself.


Since the late 1980s Cecilia Edefalk has been one of the leading and most sought-after Swedish artists at home and abroad. Her production is substantial, but there have been relatively few comprehensive survey exhibitions of her paintings, sculptures, photographs and films. Lunds konsthall is now showing a concentrate of Cecilia Edefalk’s art from 2002 onwards, highlighting some works that rework and reinterpret the antique sculptural heritage…

Amidst the over-abundance of visual information produced by technology and the media today, what particular role could possibly be ascribed to the handmade image? One characteristic appropriate to some current painterly practices is ‘scarcity’. It certainly fits the work of Swedish painter Cecilia Edefalk. A painting by Edefalk is a rare thing, and one gets the feeling that this scarcity is not an accidental feature, something that could be overcome through intensified labour. Her images are few, and they seem to rely upon the considerable time-span that keeps them apart…