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The artist Carel Balth
Born 25 november 1939, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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Carel Balth Videowatercolors
To create a photograph, a painting or a film is to select from the infinite possibilities that exist, and to combine conditions of time, space and light culled from a dynamic continuum.
A Videowatercolor is first a digital video of a specific location in certain conditions of time and light. While filming, the idea in respect to the intrinsic content of the work undergoes continual development, in turn influencing the filming process. Images are then chosen from the digital media by repeatedly pausing the moving pixels. From the considered arrangement of images into new, conceptual combinations, a virtual image starts to develop. The final image is then printed on canvas…

Carel Balth interview
Artist Carel Balth explains the process behind his works Moving IV and Madrid V, and how his appropriation of images through a digital format functions as a new medium. Originally recorded as digital video taken by Balth, he carefully selected screen-grabs that are later printed on canvas called Piezographs. He explains that this approach creates a new vantage that confronts reality though light, space, time, and movement into a culmination of images. Balth likes the idea that people may not completely understand his work at first, and recommends the book The Edge of Vision: The rise of Abstraction in Photography by curator Lyle Rexer for further insight to his aesthetic…

Carel Balth
Het geheugen van Nederland

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