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The artist Nina Canell
Born 1979, Vaxjo, Sweden.
Lives and works in Dublin and New York, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Manifesta,

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Her work seeks ways to address sculpture as a restless form with fleeting properties. Relating spatial and structural concerns to that elusive fabric which constitutes the melancholic nature of being, the work facilitates a place in which matter and non-matter hold hands through carefully balanced sculptural happenings...

Hinged upon an electromagnetic fabric, a number of works relate to each other through pools of radiated light, creating a place in which matter and non-matter meet up in a series of carefully balanced sculptural happenings. This “community” of objects is part of an ongoing series of Heat Sculptures which often appear, in Nina Canell’s practice, as improvised formations using neon and other debris...

Canell’s interest in cause and effect, and her fondness for abject materials and casual apparatus—plastic buckets, plastic bags and plastic funnels; cassette players, cables, and electric fans—lead to artfully informal assemblages of objects that often beget real results, slight as they may be...

To Be Hidden & So Invisible