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The artist Andrea Buttner
Born 1972, Stuttgart, Germany.
Lives and works in London and Berlin, .

Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers,

Maria-Sybilla-Merian-Preis 2009 , Max Mara Art Prize 2010

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üttner's interest in woodcut lies in its contradictory status as a medium that is fetishised for its involvement of the artist's hand (particularly in historical works by master craftsmen), but which is also by its nature expedient and democratic (and one of the earliest means developed for creating mass produced images). Büttner exploits the way the medium betrays every inaccuracy, and combines her aphorisms of failure with a technique where craft meets reproduction...

The linked notions of belief and shame form the central theme of Andrea Büttner’s work, which references utopian Modernist strategies and outmoded artisanal methods of production. Her woodcuts, glasspainting, and screenprinting would appear to be rooted in craft traditions, rather than within contemporary visual art...


Stone Schwitters (painted in the Lake District)

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