Brian Fahlstrom | the artist

The artist Brian Fahlstrom
Born 1978, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
Lives and works in Sierra Madre, California, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Brian Fahlstrom’s landscapes are captivating in their painterly simplicity. Rendered in the golds and blues of Rennaissance painting, A Blossoming/Distant Impassionedness presents an abstracted breakdown of nature with pastoral undertones. Creating a sense of movement and shifting light through a combination of gestural brushwork and heavy stylised outlines, Fahlstrom portrays his landscape with a fairytale-like drama, derived from the romantic suggestions of Japanese woodcuts, Cubist fields, and contemporary graphic art.

Projecting Time Out of Us

Brian Fahlstrom (*1978, Kansas City, Missouri, lives in Los Angeles) at the moment is part of an important group show at the Orange County Museum in California and in the USA TODAY exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. Brian Fahlstrom’s landscapes encapsulate an immediacy of creative production, using the act of painting as a form of intuitive expression. Flaunting his study of the masters, Fahlstrom appropriates the essence of artists such as Van Gogh, Derain and C√©zanne with an air of unnerving casualness…