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The artist Karla Black
Born 1972, Alexandria, Scotland.
Lives and works in Glasgow, .

Style and technique of the artist: skulptur projekte munster, Installation art, Venice Biennale,

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Fascinated with psychological vulnerability, Karla Black's innovative sculptural installations are rooted in feminism and combine traditional art-making with modern materials writes Matthew Cain.

While there are ideas about psychological and emotional developmental processes held within the sculptures I make, the things themselves are actual physical explorations into thinking, feeling, communicating and relating. They are parts of an ongoing learning, or search for understanding, through a material experience that has been prioritised over language...

Black’s art is not only about the body; it also speaks to and of the surrounding space. This exhibition, for example, reflects and amplifies its setting, in a tenement bedroom that doubles as the artist-run gallery Mary Mary. Walls with painted-over cracks and holes paved with Polyfilla reappear in the texture of Black’s work...


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