Bernhard Heisig | the artist

The artist Bernhard Heisig
Born Mar 31 1925, Breslau, Germany.
Died 10 june 2011, Strodehne, .
Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Painting,

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"It's terrible when a picture is still so naked like this" he says. "I'll paint it dirty quick." A couple of brush strokes, smears, endless dabs of paint and then he's lost in the jumble, until at some point something emerges, a figure, and then another. "They wander like that across the painting, sometimes here, sometimes there. And when I don't know how to go on, I sit down in front of the next painting and carry on there for a while." Layer upon layer, one painting emerges over another, screaming heads, atrophying bodies, great rumours, collapse and upheaval. "Unfortunately, I can't do anything else," he says. He has none of Gerhard Richter's cool distance, none of Werner Tübke's elegance. Heisig's work is a wild thrashing thing, a carnage of colour, hand-to-hand combat with art...

Never has paint been so ear–splitting. His canvases rage. Banks of loud speakers turn up the decibels. Glaring brass tubas and coronets blare. Multiple red–lipped toothy mouths shout from table–top radios. Rifles gripped by steel–helmeted Wehrmacht aim at you. Flame bursts from the darkness. Terrified and terrorizing faces scream. Slogans shout from banners. The prostheses of veterans flail incoherently...