Bassem Dahdouh | the artist

The artist Bassem Dahdouh
Born 1964, Damascus, Syria.

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<p>Participated in Ateliers Syriens Exhibition at Palais de l’Unesco in Beirut organized by Gallery Atassi<br /> His work is found in several Arab and European countries.</p>

<p>The works of Bassem Dahdouh reflects the difficult awareness of applying graphics freely, and not forgetting academic backgrounds along with a modern spirit. Self confidence can be an illusion but when applied in a scientific artistic conflict the artist can truly be himself. Bassem was able to get involved in this esthetic conflict which reflects the spirit of the époque , he s full of trust and understanding of the tragedy of the “Dance of Death” in the modern ages ,and he s certain that applying the graphical color movement subjectively can open a serious debate with others. Looking deeply in Bassem’s work , you find harmony and contradiction at the same time moving perpetually between graphic and color ,and this is his best characteristics in dealing with figures with a modern perspective and free spirit ,like visual poetry ,has the psychological influence on the viewer. In the world of visual communication, the struggle today is between the free human balance and the computer which has crucified and limited the human being on its geometrical bases which does not allow human spirit to move. His work is the balanced liberation from pre-fabricated conditions, the creativity of a free human spirit. </p>

Untitled;  Mixed Media on canvas