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The artist Bart van der Leck
Born Nov 26 1876, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Died 1958, Blaricum, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, de Stijl,

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Architecture is, like the earth, sculptural, and requires, to complete its plastic expression, the plasticism of light and spatiality.

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From De Stijl, Vol. I.

De Leeuw’s introduction to Rietveld and the painter Bart van der Leck around 1930 brought renewed vigor to the store. Van der Leck designed the firm’s logo as well as an assortment of bags and boxes in his inimitable style of fragmented letterforms with primary colors, all properly reflecting Metz & Co.’s combination of exclusivity and the avant-garde. The bag’s restraint and air of sophisticated modernity is no less contemporary today…

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