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The artist Barbie Liberation Organization
Born UsA.
Lives and works in USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Art and Electronic media, Installation art,

anonymous group of artists and hackers

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Barbie Liberation Organization

Barbie Liberation Organization
The BLO returned the altered dolls to the toy store shelves, who then resold them to children who had to invent scenarios for Barbies who yelled “Vengeance is mine!” and G.I. Joes who daydreamed “Let’s plan our dream wedding!” Cleverly placed “call your local TV news” stickers on the back ensured that the media would have genuine recipients to interview as soon as the news broke…

Barbie Liberation Organization
This transcript of the Barbie Liberation Organization’s video news release was provided to RTMark by the B.L.O. and is reprinted here unchanged…

Barbie Liberation Organization
The BLO was an early reference of culture jamming initiatives that fostered the emergence of shopdropping (also known as reverse-shoplifting) projects later on…

Barbie Liberation Organization (pdf file)
HOME SURGERY. INSTRUCTIONS. 1. To open Barbie, insert a screwdriver firmly into the joint at the base of the …

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