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The artist Darren Bader
Born 1978, Bridgeport, CT, USA.
Lives and works in New York.

Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Darren Bader
An open jar of tahini, coloured buttons nestling on the gloopy paste – “that’s sculpture that I do. Find two things that complement each other, and voilą.”
Born in 1978, hot young artist Darren Bader’s practice includes meticulously worded, bizarre proposals to museums to do things like pin sandwiches next to masterpieces; installation; sculpture of the above-mentioned ad hoc variety; and probably just about anything else he feels inclined to produce.

Darren Bader
Employing a serialized stream of numbers between 2 and 3266, Bader supplants actual numerals with non-numerical forms – turning the objects in his installation into simple units within a larger notational system…

Darren Bader
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