Baard Breivik | the artist

The artist Baard Breivik
Born 1948, Bergen, Norway.
Lives and works in New York, Oslo, Norway and Sibbhult, Sweden, .

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Sculpture; 3 Granite works

Bard Breivik’s mysterious sculptures are objects of pure beauty as compare to the ancient weathered artifacts from the artist’s native Norway that inspired them. These earlier works were functional in nature while Breivik’s contemporary pieces are elegant statements engaged in a purely visual dialog between themselves and the supporting wall.

A drawer in Bård Breivik's studio in Badebakken contains a collection of Chinese cicadas. These are not biological specimens, but insects crafted in a broad range of materials, colours and shapes...

"Brutte flater I-IV", 2005; Nasjonal Museet

Score for a longer conversation consists of more than hundred objects - all within a hull-like shape - all within the length of 120 centimetres - and most of them are done within different traditions of craftsmanship from all over the world...