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The artist Tauba Aerbach
Born 1981, San Francisco, California, USA.
Lives and works in New York and San Francisco, .

Style and technique of the artist: Whitney Biennial, Painting, Printmakers, Greater New York,

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A Half Times A Half Times A Half.

Auerbach originally broke onto the international art scene in 2006 when her first solo show, Yes and Not Yes, premiered at Deitch Projects. In these early typographic experiments, language, and more specifically the subject of alphabetic form, reigned as a communicative beacon serving as the basis for existential analysis, technological innovation, and artistic experimentation...

AuerbachÂ’s fascination with the origins of language, its break-downs and slippages especially, has led her to an artistic study of language qua gestalt. How does verbal language relate to the symbols used in written language, and do these symbols reveal anything about the structure of the human brain? How arbitrary are the marks, both analog and digital, used to express language, and where do they begin to muck it all up?