Ei Arakawa | the artist

The artist Ei Arakawa
Born 1977, Iwaki, Japan.

Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Greater New York,

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His choreographed actions have included simulated half-time shows with the rapid building and unbuilding of a stage; a manned art factory creating replicas of On Kawara paintings; a large dance calisthenics class as an elaborate homage to Japanese Gutai action-art; and most recently...

Toying with notions of art production, Ei Arakawa works with numerous participants to create energized performances that he broadly refers to as "market." For this exhibition, he has collaborated with dancers and writers on a group of open-ended texts about objects in transition, leading to a series of amorphous performances that will occur over the course of the exhibition—all of which will contribute to a developing installation in the gallery space...

Liaison, a Naive Pacifist