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The artist Anselm Reyle
Born 1970, Tubingen, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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Rough, delirious and delicate. Kitsch, cool and artificial. Anselm Reyle’s (b. 1970) objects and paintings have many names. One thing is clear; Anselm Reyle deals with a new unique perception of the very essence of pop-art and modernistic traditions.

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For Anselm Reyle, revisiting Modernism opens a wealth of possibilities. Resurrecting the styles, genres, and concepts of 20th century art history, Reyle adopts formalism whole-heartedly, embracing both the integrity of the original movements, as well as their contemporary renditions in the form of graphic design and Ikea décor…

In his most recent works, Anselm Reyle has been favouring figurative-concrete motifs that are based on the well-known painting-by-numbers principle. It is comparable to a puzzle, divided into different parts with numbers. Each number has a certain colour shade assigned, which in concert with the other filled-in fields results in a homogenous appearance, enabling the person doing the colouring to create their own artwork – painting by following detailed instructions. For Reyle, the motif is the background foil of the composition, but it is not executed in a naturalistic manner, but rather in an abstracting, sometimes comic-like way…

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Although armed with an array of gestural brushstrokes, kitschy found objects and outdatedly ‘modern’ sculptural forms, Anselm Reyle skews his pieces away from their retro beginnings by yoking them with such futuristic materials as day-glo and fluorescent paint, neon light, silver Mylar and sheets of mirror. The results are futuro-modern, perhaps, or retro-contemporary…

Working with a studio of assistants and using a limited set of painting processes and compositions, Reyle meticulously produces a high volume of paintings. Each composition, whether a stripe painting or crumpled foil piece, can be made in any number of sizes ranging in scale from the domestic to the monumental…