Angela Ferreira | the artist

The artist Angela Ferreira
Born Aug 10 1958, Maputo, Mozambique.
Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal, .

Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Installation art, Video, Photography, Sao Paulo Biennale,

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Ferreira subtly stimulates the viewer to articulate questions in their encounter with her objects, which take the shape of skillfully executed and aesthetically appealing modernist sculptures, often combined with texts, photographs and videos. The questions instigated interrogate what we have come to consider as ‘given’ in art history; however, if we consider history is a construct, one might ask: ‘what history, whose history and history to what purpose?’ Venice – a city with its own unique track record of more than a century of biennales, with its national presentations of art in a wide range of ‘national’ modern buildings and its never-ending negotiations with (post) modernity – is a perfect platform for Ferreira to tackle these issues.


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