Andre Cadere | the artist

The artist Andre Cadere
Born 1934, , Poland.
Died 1978, Paris, France.
Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Minimal Art, Performance Art, Venice Biennale, Sculpture Objects,

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André Cadere was born in Poland, grew up in Romania and, before his early death from cancer in Paris in 1978, was a nomadic presence in the European art world. He was best known for his Barres de bois rond (Round Wooden Bars, 1970–78) – long poles made of coloured wooden cylindrical units. The colours on each rod were arranged according to a system, yet each stick contained one anomaly, confounding attempts to identify the system with ease…

Walking With Barres

Andre Cadere left behind an oeuvre consisting of about 180 Barres de Bois of different lengths. The Barres de Bois consist of wooden segments, all the same size and painted in different colours; their length always relates to their radius. The individual segments were made by hand, drilled, painted and fitted together…

Painted Objects’, a traveling group exhibition, is the successor of the exhibition ’minimalpop’ and the second in a series of co-curatorial projects by Petra Bungert and German artist Tilman…