Anatoly Zverev | the artist

The artist Anatoly Zverev
Pseudonym: Anatoliy Timofeevich Zverev
Born Nov 3 1931, Moscow, Russia.
Died Dec 12 1986, Moscow, .
Style and technique of the artist: Soviet Nonconformism, Painting,

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The beauty of landscapes and the colors of my native land are amazing: those meadowsand river overflows, and spring roar of melting snow that streams through fields in roaring morning waves... And the rest of the seasons, let it be summer or winter with snowdrifts up to the tops of telegraph poles, when people could hardly dig their way out of the houses, then dig out chimneys, then doors, then windows... Or summer heat, intense heat and wild storms. Big and small rivers, and lakes, and everything else. That is how we lived, day by day. And the war was still on...

With Zverev, we find ourselves in the presence of an artist miraculously gifted, who will likely take his place among the most accomplished painters of our time. There is all to be a case in ZverevÂ’s phenomenon. He contrived a history of modern art for himself, not conscious of it, but by chance. His place is in the pantheon of the most perfected artists of modernity...

Today the leading art critics call Anatoly Zverev (1931-1997) the most original Russian artist of the 20th century. Zverev was able to unite and blend all the previous epochsÂ’ trends in painting...

Painter, graphic artist, one of the most important non-conformist artists. Painted lyrical portraits of friends and people from his circle...

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