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The artist Amanda Heng
Born 1968, , Singapore.
Lives and works in Singapore, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Performance Art, Singapore Biennale,

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Amanda Heng was one of the founding members of the Artists’ Village in 1988, the first artists-collective in Singapore.

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"Narrating Bodies" is an ongoing project. I have been working with my mother since 1996. The idea is to reconnect with my mother in order to find out about myself. Of course it's not just about myself. It's basically about identity, but related to many other aspects - for example: our cultural identity or our national identity in relation to the political situation in Singapore; also, my mother's generation and my generation's developments, for instance in terms of gender identity. The question is: how do I reposition myself as a woman in this very new country, Singapore, which is basically an immigrant country with people from India, China and so on? The problems with dealing with our traditional heritage from China and this very new high-tech situation now in Singapore - I'm trying to reconcile that and reposition myself.

One of Singapore's most prolific woman artists in 1990s contemporary art, Amanda Heng is known both locally and internationally for her multidisciplinary practice which traverses the domains of installation, photography, performance and public art. To Heng, art can be used as a critical way of activating society to engage with social concerns.

Amanda Heng’s artistic oeuvre spans over twenty yearsand employs various mediums: photography, multimedia, installation and performance. She was one ofthe key figures in founding the most important artists’collectives and networks in Singapore: the Artists’ Village andWomen in the Arts. Most importantly, Amanda Heng was one of thefirst to introduce feminist discourse into the Singapore art scene andhas been consistently raising awareness of women’s rights, genderequality and other feminist issues. She believes contemporary artconcerns are rooted in society and should be connected with peoplefrom the grass roots. Starting from her personal experience, Amanda’ssearch for her own identity has involved psychological, ethical,historical, linguistic and aesthetic aspects of a society in change.Above all else Amanda Heng’s works are about the art of engagementin everyday life...