Alejandro Almanza Pereda | the artist

The artist Alejandro Almanza Pereda
Born 1977, Mexico City, Mexico.
Lives and works in New York, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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...in Almanza’s Untitled (mesa) from 2006, the viewer confronts a table and television hovering mid-air in a seemingly impossible, gravity-defying contortion. The table and TV are kept aloft by a taut electrical cord plugged into a socket that provides power for a set of lit fluorescent tubes buttressed by a pillow that are the table-TV’s secondary, though no less precarious, supports. The fluorescent bulbs, bound together with pairs of neon yellow children’s inflatable arm floats, seem hopelessly incapable of holding up the immense weight of this arrangement. Beneath the pillow, resting on a small telephone table, a tea saucer cantilevers unstably off the table’s edge, held in place only by a counterbalanced cup poised to topple at any moment. To add to the overall mayhem, the suspended TV, itself hanging only by that single cord, is on; caught half-tuned between channels, the picture is but an indistinct blur...

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