Alfred Eisenstaedt | the artist

The artist Alfred Eisenstaedt
Born Dec 6 1898, Dierschau, Germany.
Died Aug 23 1995, Oaks Bluffs Martha's Vineyard, Mass, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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“It’s more important to click with people than click the shutter”

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There he was, the world's renowned icon of photography, Alfred Eisenstaedt, sitting in the sun on a canvass director's chair...

In a photographic career spanning sixty years Eisenstaedt was the first photographer to consistently practice candid photography, and in his own words, “photographed more people than any other photographer.” His photographs have featured on the front cover of LIFE magazine 92 times and he travelled the world on more than 2500 assignments. Most importantly, his photographs are a testimony to seminal events and key people who in turn shaped the contemporary world...