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The artist Richard Aldrich
Born 1975, Hampton, Virginia, USA.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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Richard Aldrich
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Richard Aldrich
Sometimes the best thatís possible is a stand-in or an approximation in order to manifest a desire for the internal. In the process you make notes inadvertently that reveal the gaps between a fantasy and oneís own ability. It becomes the same thing over and over. Then maybe itís a confidence issue from then on. Coping with oneís fantasies. Drawing (on) something thatís out of reach so instead drawing the reach, or pretending to…

Richard Aldrich
Artwork is an inverted tmesis, that is pieces broken from a whole. And meaning is created by the interpretation, that is the
reconstruction, of this tmesis. The viewer is thus, in actuality, the creator. They have been given, by the artist, a language
with which they begin to explain themselves. The artworks become connecting tissue for the thoughts and revelations of
the viewer. The artworks become mirrors for the viewer to re-view themselves in (and this “re-viewing” is of importance as
one is changing every day). We visit different stores everyday, always investigating ourselves in their mirrored glass walls…

Richard Aldrich
Richard Aldrich’s solo debut introduces a committed but hardly monogamous painter. Which is to say that the gentle and skillful little paintings on board that dominate the show are accompanied by a text piece or two and some equally delicate sculptures. These involve, for example, an enlarged photograph of Ray Davies, founder of the Kinks; a battered typewriter case; a torn record album cover; a book titled ‘‘Wreckers of Civilization’‘; a battered toy horn; and a dentist’s mirror embossed with the word ‘‘feeling.’‘ (These last two are childhood mementos of the artist.)

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