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The artist Alberto Garcia-Alix
Born March 22 1956, León, Spain.
Lives and works in Madrid, .

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Spain in the 1980s: a country in upheaval. Francisco Franco died in 1975 – the dictatorship had finally ended after 39 years. The country and its people started to enjoy new liberties and one of these people was Alberto García Alix, with his camera as his constant companion. “I never wanted to become a photographer,” he says in retrospect. But in fact, he has been taking photos of his surroundings since 1976. His father wanted him to study law, but Alberto García Alix refused and left home at the age of 20. In Spain back then it was a minor revolution against the patriarchy...

Juan Carlos Lagoa (Goala) asistió el pasado martes, gracias al certamen de PhotoEspaña a una clase con Alberto García-Alix. El fruto de esta clase nos lo ha contado en el siguiente artículo…

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