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The artist Adel Abidin
Born 1973, Baghdad, Iraq.
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland, .

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Venice Biennale, Sydney Biennale, Sharjah Biennale,

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In my art practice I focus on issues such as cultural alienation and marginalization. Humor and irony are central to my language.

Abidin Travels - Welcome to Baghdad

Adel Abidin was born in Baghdad in 1973. He works with installations, video, and photography. After graduating from the Academy of fine Arts in Baghdad in 2000 with a degree in Painting, he moved to Finland and received an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, where he is based at the present…

Adel Abidin video-works explore cultural estrangement and their borders. In his use of form language, Abidin remains sarcastic, amusing and ironic. What about the real relationship between the inside and outside. Who is inside and who is outside? That was the formula which leads him to think of doing this project…