Adam Cvijanovic | the artist

The artist Adam Cvijanovic
Born 1959, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
Lives and works in New York, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Prospect New Orleans, Sydney Biennale,

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Artist statement

Cvijanovic’s decision to examine politically-charged themes marks a departure from his usual subject matter-iconic landscape imagery. However, the Academy installation remains true to his usual large-scale, mural painting technique that he refers to as "scenic wallpaper."

"He is so cool. He’s the John Travolta of the art world. His reinvention of himself is awesome," says Becky Smith, proprietor of Bellwether…

Drawing inspiration from Renaissance fresco painting, Adam Cvijanovic’s ‘portable murals’ depict contemporary landscapes with a sense of celestial awe. Spanning 75 feet, Cvijanovic’s Love Poem captures the dreamy and disquieting essence of suburban Americana as a rapturous science fiction tableau. Envisioning sun-bleached L.A. ten minutes after the end of gravity, Cvijanovic’s utopia ascends in a whirlwind of consumerist ecstasy…