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The artist ABOVE
Born 1981 (?), California, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Figuration-Libre-Graffiti, Stencil Graffiti,

Above is an international street artist who keeps his identity concealed.[2] Above is known for his multi-layer/full color social and political stencils, spinning wooden “arrow mobile” installations, and large mural “word play” paintings.

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"I must say that Athens, Greece has not only one of the most active Graffiti scene, but so many different styles the locals build off it's intimidating, with a variety of Rollers, Hot Tags, Pieces, Productions, Posters, Stickers, and Stencils. Athens has been a Hot/Bed of graffiti since the Olympics, as well as many Kosmopolite events bringing foreigners from around Europe, South America, and the United States. Everything I saw in Athens donated itself to getting creative, the weather hitting 90-100 degrees, the abundance of Roof/Tops, many Graffiti stores and cheap Ouzo and Souvlaki all make Athens a Capital city for Graffiti. *A HUGE GREEK THANK YOU TO: Eros, Dreyk, and Phaz