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The artist Michele Abeles
Born unknown, New York, USA.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, .

Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Photography,

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Michele’s “something”… her photographs… are images from a kaleidoscope lens- a turning wheel that spins and stops at a spot… disconnected shards that are taped together as fragments along a leather whip… the whip is swaying side to side… motionless but moving… held by a gloved hand and whipped with a thud against the dark night cement. Humans mixed with textures mixed with animals mixed with death. Death mixed with hair mixed with cement mixed with earth… tension brewing violently underneath it all… all of it interconnected and yet, all of it knowingly separate. The “something” is like a kink or ripple in the reality… something is warped, causing a bend in the reality… something broad and running under the surface of Michele’s created world… all of it affected by this warp, waves move across all... all of it is bent under the force of this curve...

Besides non-stop entertainment, (among a million other perks), living in the city that never sleeps gives artists, fashion enthusiasts, and in this case, photographers, continuous inspiration. Brooklyn-based photographer Michele Abeles' new collection 'Caught in a Secret History' is well-rounded & executed, with photos ranging from eerie rundown cities (pictured above) to breathtaking landscapes to enticing white cats...

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